David Rainsbury

Words and Pictures


Phone: +44(0)7798 558214

E-mail: david@rainsbury.co.uk

Technical Writing

So how do you do that? Use my words and pictures to show them how. I translate handwritten jargon into a clear, helpful manual for your readers, employees, customers. Good in business but not good with words? I can tell your success story to shareholders, clients and colleagues so that you can take the credit.

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Event reports  

My experience of race and competition photography and reportage for newspapers and magazines gets me close to the action and the people involved. As a regular competitor I know the questions to ask, the pictures to take.

Pilotage and navigation 

Safely entering a new harbour is one of the most satisfying parts of exploring under sail. My magazine features and contributions to pilotage books continue to show the way. My book Fearsome Passages (Imray) describes how to tackle some of the most treacherous waters in Western Europe. A new Irish Sea Pilot is due for publication this year.