David Rainsbury

Words and Pictures


October 2008

The trip went remarkably well! Apart from the engine oil leak, which imposed its own discipline on engine use, there were no serious breakdowns. The weather was very cooperative. Even when it had us pinned down in Corme on the Costa de Morte the sun shone out of a clear blue sky. Further north all was not going so well for my friends in North Wales.


The Rias of Galicia are a wonderful cruising area. The scenery is beautiful and there is a huge choice of sheltered anchorages almost everywhere you sail. Kathy and I both enjoyed the food, the sailing and the life ashore. I’m looking forward to going back there some day.


As I got further north the weather became harder, skies greyer and the air colder. The sailing continued to be exciting, challenging, but not more than Kate or I could handle. The final leg homeward from Newlyn via Lundy with Ray for company crowned an already fantastic trip.

Kate is now ashore for the winter and I have a list of jobs to do, including that oil leak.

I am already wondering “Where next?”

How did it go?